Robbery: Have you seen this jewellery? Earn $10K

A $10,000 reward is on offer for information about a robbery that took place on the 18th November 2015 at Mitzi’s Fine Jewelry .

The Royal Cayman islands Police Service have made two arrests in conjunction with the case, but store owner Mitzi Callan is desperate to get the unique jewellery back from the robbery.

Many of the items are easy to spot as they are one of a kind hand made pieces and are very unusual in design. Have you been offered any of this jewellery? Have you seen someone wearing jewellery like this ? Have you noticed someoone wearing jewellery that is new and not in line with their usual style?

If you have any information whatsoever, no matter how small, please call the Cayman Crime Stoppers Anonymous call centre in Miami, Florida by dialing 800 TIPS (8477) or by clicking here to submit a tip. If the information leads to the recovery of the jewellery or a subsequent conviction you could be eligible for the increased reward of $10,000 CI dollars.

Missing Person:

Jaesha Hendrix has been missing from the Cayman Islands since the 23rd October 2015. She was last seen at the Lakeside Apartments off the Esterly Tibbetts Highway in George Town.

Jaesha Hendrix also goes by the name of Jaesha Solomon or by the name Maliya.

Over the weekend of the 27th of October 2015 a person purporting to be Jaesha Hendrix sent a message to her mother, stating that she is in good health. The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service cannot confirm the authenticity of this message until contact with Ms. Hendrix is made and are continuing to search for her and continue to appeal to the public for assistance.

Nothing more has been heard from Jaesha Hendrix since this message.

Jaesha Hendrix’s mother, Edith Mae Scott has flown to the Cayman Islands, from her residence in the United States to search for Jaesha Solomon, but her efforts still haven’t uncovered her daughter.

Her mother is incredibly worried for Jaesha Solomon’s welfare and asks anyone with any information, no matter how insognificant it may seem to call either the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service on 949-4222 or contact Cayman Crime Stoppers anonymously and free of charge by calling 800 8477 (TIPS) or by clicking the Submit a Tip on-line option on the Cayman Crime Stoppers website.

BOLO for cheap TV’s in Cayman this Weekend

The Royal Cayman islands Police Service  (RCIPS) is requesting the assistance of the public in relation an their investigation into the burglary of an electronics store in George Town, Grand Cayman.

Just before 8AM on Tuesday, 2 February RCIPS officers responded to a report of a burglary at BrandSource located at 209 Dorcy Drive in George Town.  The burglary had taken place sometime the evening before and was discovered in the morning by employees.

The burglars had broken into the establishment and stolen various goods, including a number of television sets, specifically, Samsung, LG and Toshiba.

The police are asking the Cayman Islands public to be vigilant when purchasing items from persons other than authentic business traders in order to avoid being a party to the offence of Handling Stolen Goods. Members of the public should be especially suspicious of items sold by private people at very cheap prices or “too good to be true prices”.

Has someone approached you about buying a cheap TV or sound system? Did you see people behaving strangely outside the BrandSource store? Did you see a vehicle leaving the area that looked out of place?

People with information should contact the George Town CID at 949-4222 or call the Miami-based call center of Crime Stoppers at 800-8477(TIPS).

Alternatively, you can click here to submit a tip online. No piece of information is too small in the fight against crime in the Cayman Islands and if your information leads to an arrest you could be eligible for a reward of up to $1000.

6 Safety Tips for Female Joggers and Runners in Cayman

Exercise safely on Cayman’s Roads

If you are up early in the Cayman Islands it is quite common to see people exercising along the roads of the Islands. People tend to walk or run before the sun comes up to take advantage of the cooler temperatures, as well as to get a healthy energetic start to the day.

Although Cayman still remains an incredibly safe place to live; exercisers can still be at risk from certain hazards.

Read the 6 tips for Female Runners and Joggers in the Cayman Islands to ensure you stay safe while exercising.

Avoid Running Alone

This may sound easier than it actually is. Tring to persuade a friend or loved one to get up at 5AM and go and hike along South Sound may not be met with many offers of acceptance, so if you can’t find anyone, try and use a route that you know is well travelled by other exercisers at that time of day.

You may also join a running club; this will not only give you safety in numbers, but may also help you improve your pace. There are also exercising areas that have security guards to help deter prowlers, the running tracks at Savannah Primary School and Truman Bodden Sports Complex are two locations that have security guards on site that helps keep women safe while exercising in the Cayman Islands.

Be Prepared

If none of the above solutions work for you and you still wish to walk, jog or run the streets of the Cayman Islands alone, then be prepared. The Security Centre in Grand Cayman has some great ways to keep yourself safe while exercising alone, such as personal alarms.

Don’t Wear headphones!

Whilst music, talking books or motivational speeches are a great way to pass the time while running as, they are also a major signal to a would be attacker that you are not aware of things happening around you.

This is true , not just of would be attackers but also means you can’t hear traffic hazards that may be coming your way, rendering you incapable of hearing screeching breaks, car horns or emergency vehicle sirens.

Don’t Wear a Pony Tail

When we exercise, the last thing we want is our hair falling over eyes and sticking to our face, but the pony tail many women wear while running in Cayman also acts as a way for someone to easily grab and control you from behind. Instead try and wear a head band to keep your hair from your eyes and face.



Take Self Defence Classes

If all else fails, try taking some basic self defence classes, this is also a new way to keep fit! Who knows, you may also meet new friends who would like to come and join you in your early morning run around the Cayman Islands?

Take your Phone!

Some of us may use exercise as a way to get away from the phone ringing and emails pinging in to our inbox, but take your phone if you must exercise alone. Call your local police station if you see ANYONE acting suspiciously while out on your run in the Cayman Islands. If you prefer you can call Cayman Crime Stoppers on 800 TIPS ( 8477) but remember if you see a crime in progress you should always call 911.

What do you think of these tips to keep women safe while exercising in the Cayman Islands? Will you try any of them? Do you have any to add?

Let us know in the comments section below.

5 Reasons Why You Should Play Golf in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands has a reputation for being paradise on Earth and is known for its world class beaches, diving and Caymankind hospitality. These qualities attract people from all over the world, but why do people visit the Cayman Islands with their Golf Clubs as part of their essential luggage?

1. The Golf Courses

The Cayman Islands is home to 3 golf courses, North South Golf ClubBritannia Golf Club and The Blue Tip Golf Club.

North Sound Golf Club is a par 71, 6605 yard course and is the only 18 hole championship golf course in the Cayman Islands.

The Britannia Golf Course was designed by Jack Nicklaus and spans Grand Cayman from Seven Mile Beach to the North Sound. It is a par 35, 9 hole course over 3210 yards, featuring challenging holes and lakes.

The Blue -Tip Golf course is on the grounds of the Ritz – Carlton. Blue Tip is a par -36, 3516 yard course that challenges golfers with 5 long Par Fours. This course was designed by the Great White Shark himself, Greg Norman.


2. The People

Golfing is a great way to socialise and meet new people, even more so in the Cayman Islands. The population is proudly made up with native Caymanians and people from over 135 nationalities. Caymankind is the phrase that is used to celebrate the wonderful and unique Cayman cultural experience.  As you make your way around the greens and amenities, it’s quite likely you will meet a friendly face with a unique story to tell about how they came to visit and golf in the Cayman Islands or delight you with snippets of history of the islands.

3. The Views

You can expect wonderful pleasant weather as you enjoy your time playing golf in the Cayman Islands and the views are absolutely beautiful as you may expect. However, all 3 golf courses experience the Caribbean trade winds that can make your game just that bit more challenging. If that doesn’t put you off your game, keep an eye out for the occasional chicken or iguana that can be seen on the course from time to time.

4. Help Charity

Charity Golf tournaments are a popular event in the Cayman Islands and for some charities they are the main way they get funding for the year. This is the case for the Cayman Crime Stoppers charity whose golf tournament will be held at North Sound Golf Club on Friday September 18th. You can sign up here to enter your team in the Million Dollar Shoot out event and help Cayman Crime Stoppers provide a way for people to provide tips in complete anonymity. For a list of other charity golf tournaments click here.

5. The Relaxation

Depending on how your game goes, the wonderful views, vibrant community and Caymankind hospitality are a once in a lifetime experience as well as providing an excellent alternative to relaxing on the Cayman Islands award winning beaches. Why not try a massage whilst on the greens?

Do you have any experiences playing golf in the Cayman Islands? Is this on your bucket list of things to do? Let us know in the comments section below, we’d love to hear from you.

12 Days of Christmas

12 Tips to keep you safe against crime this holiday season

The 12 days of Christmas will soon be upon us in the beautiful Cayman Islands and everyone is enjoying the Christmas Breeze, and the lights from homes and businesses. However, Christmas time can see a peak in crime in the Cayman Islands, the season of goodwill doesnt exist for those that break the law.

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service have come up with these 12 handy tips to keep you safe from crime over the Christmas period and beyond. Here at Cayman Crime Stoppers we’d also like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a very happy and safe New year.

12 Days of Christmas – Tips to Prevent Crime

1. Stay Bright!

We all know crime likes to lurk in dark corners,  so remember that you are safest in well-lit, busy areas. Heading through a parking lot or narrow street? Try to look and act confidently, look like you know where you are going and you are aware of your surroundings, walk tall.

2. Spread it about a bit

Spread valuables around your body, for example keep your phone in your bag, your house keys in your trouser pocket and your money in your jacket. This will make it harder for a would be criminal to take everything you need to run your life in one single swoop. Keep your credit and debit cards separate from your cheque book and cash. Never keep your personal identification number (PIN) and credit or debit card together.

3. He’s behind you

If you use a wheelchair, keep your valuables beside you rather than at the back of the chair, this means you can keep watch of your valubales and it can prevent someone from sneaking up behind you and taking things without you noticing.

4. No one likes a show off!

Try to be conspicuous about valuables you are carrying. Talking loudly on your phone, carrying a lap top or showing your friend your new gold ring can give thieves the impression you are worth stealing from.

5. Christmas Bells are ringing

Record your ‘phones serial number, IMEI number and your phone number. You can get these numbers by looking behind the phone battery or typing *#06# in to your ‘phone. If your phone should be stolen this Christmas report the phone and serial numbers to your network operator and the police as soon as possible. Using these numbers, your network operator can block the ‘phone number and the handset from making calls making the handset useless.

6. Lock it or lose it

Keep car doors locked when driving and keep bags, phones and other valuables out of sight when your vehicle is parked. The trunk or boot of your car is a great place to put your christmas shopping bags to keep them out of sight.

7. Let it go

In the Cayman Islands you can use reasonable force in self-defense. You are allowed to protect yourself or your property with something you are carrying, for example car keys , but you may not carry a weapon.

8. Fight or flight?

If someone tries to take something from you, it may be better to let it go rather than risk a confrontation and injury. Most credit cards insure purchases. How important is that Christmas present versus being injured or hospitilzed for Christmas? If you decide to defend yourself, be aware that your attacker may be stronger than you, or may take what you are using in self defence and use it against you. It is often better just to shout loudly and run away.

9. Burning off the calories

Here in the Cayman Islands  we like to keep fit with an early morning or late night walk or jog, especcially during the Christmas period to try and keep those extra calories off the waist line. When out walking or jogging, ditch the headphones while you listen to your iPod or MP3 player. Headphones make it easy for someone to sneak up behind you, no headphones help you to stay more alert to your surroundings.

10. Opportunity Knocks

According to Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Superintendent of District Operations, Angelique Howell,  “Often, because of the relatively low crime rate in Cayman, people can grow complacent about taking precautions to enhance their personal security, but the important thing to remember is that thieves and robbers are opportunists, more than anything else, and we have to develop habits that deprive them of opportunities as much as possible.”

11. Dont Advertise your Christmas Presents

Bought a new flat screen TV for the Holidays? Finally got the kids the iPads they’ve beed asking for all year? Dont advertise that to people who may be cruising your neighbourhood looking for places to burgle. Crush large electronic item packaging and place it in your trash can rather than leaving it outside for all to see.

12. Arrive alive, dont drink and drive

Thirteen people have lost their lives on the roads of the Cayman Islands this year, and although the year-end figures have not yet been confirmed, there have been almost 1,000 crashes across the Cayman Islands so far in 2015. Dont be a part of the problem, be a part of the solution. Why not take the Purple Ribbon Pledge and if you Drink, Dont Drive this Holiday Season. Or if you end up drinking more than you had planned to and dont feel safe to drive, ask for a ride home for a friend, or call Home Safe on , they come and pick you up and take your car home for you. Friends dont let friends drive drunk. If you see a friend trying to get in a car to drive drunk this Christmas, take the keys from them and make sure they get home to their family safely this Christmas, they will thank you for it.

If you see someone acting suspiciously or see a crime in progress, call 911 and the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service will attend.

If you notice suspicious behaviour that you wish to report anonymously please call the Cayman Islands Crime Stoppers call centre in Miami free of charge on 800-8477 TIPS or click here to submit and anonymous tip on-line. Remember we do not want to know who you are, we just want to know what you know.

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What anti-crime tips do you have for the Christmas Season? We’d love to hear them in the comments section below.