6 Safety Tips for Female Joggers and Runners in Cayman

Exercise safely on Cayman’s Roads

If you are up early in the Cayman Islands it is quite common to see people exercising along the roads of the Islands. People tend to walk or run before the sun comes up to take advantage of the cooler temperatures, as well as to get a healthy energetic start to the day.

Although Cayman still remains an incredibly safe place to live; exercisers can still be at risk from certain hazards.

Read the 6 tips for Female Runners and Joggers in the Cayman Islands to ensure you stay safe while exercising.

Avoid Running Alone

This may sound easier than it actually is. Tring to persuade a friend or loved one to get up at 5AM and go and hike along South Sound may not be met with many offers of acceptance, so if you can’t find anyone, try and use a route that you know is well travelled by other exercisers at that time of day.

You may also join a running club; this will not only give you safety in numbers, but may also help you improve your pace. There are also exercising areas that have security guards to help deter prowlers, the running tracks at Savannah Primary School and Truman Bodden Sports Complex are two locations that have security guards on site that helps keep women safe while exercising in the Cayman Islands.

Be Prepared

If none of the above solutions work for you and you still wish to walk, jog or run the streets of the Cayman Islands alone, then be prepared. The Security Centre in Grand Cayman has some great ways to keep yourself safe while exercising alone, such as personal alarms.

Don’t Wear headphones!

Whilst music, talking books or motivational speeches are a great way to pass the time while running as, they are also a major signal to a would be attacker that you are not aware of things happening around you.

This is true , not just of would be attackers but also means you can’t hear traffic hazards that may be coming your way, rendering you incapable of hearing screeching breaks, car horns or emergency vehicle sirens.

Don’t Wear a Pony Tail

When we exercise, the last thing we want is our hair falling over eyes and sticking to our face, but the pony tail many women wear while running in Cayman also acts as a way for someone to easily grab and control you from behind. Instead try and wear a head band to keep your hair from your eyes and face.



Take Self Defence Classes

If all else fails, try taking some basic self defence classes, this is also a new way to keep fit! Who knows, you may also meet new friends who would like to come and join you in your early morning run around the Cayman Islands?

Take your Phone!

Some of us may use exercise as a way to get away from the phone ringing and emails pinging in to our inbox, but take your phone if you must exercise alone. Call your local police station if you see ANYONE acting suspiciously while out on your run in the Cayman Islands. If you prefer you can call Cayman Crime Stoppers on 800 TIPS ( 8477) but remember if you see a crime in progress you should always call 911.

What do you think of these tips to keep women safe while exercising in the Cayman Islands? Will you try any of them? Do you have any to add?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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