Submit a Tip Online

Click on the heading above to go to our secure web portal for submitting a tip online.

The sooner tips are received after a crime, the better the chances are of a quick arrest.

Names, descriptions, locations, vehicle licences, etc. are all very import to assist with identifying the suspect(s).

Provide as much information as you can on the form and then click the button to submit your tip.

Do not provide any information to identify yourself.  Just tell us what you know, not who you are.

Community Awareness

After tips and rewards, Cayman Crime Stoppers next most important goal is to continuously remind the public of the service that we provide, and to encourage people to make sue of it to submit tips anonymously.

Over the years, this has been done throug a variety of means including:

  • Public Service Announcements
  • Press Releases
  • Newspaper Advertising
  • This Website
  • Social Media
  • Branded Promotional Items distributed at social events
  • Branded Domino Sets and Coasters distributed to local establishments
  • Yout-orient videos promoted on YouTube and through the schools
  • RCIPS Business Cards
  • Our annual fund-raising Golf Tournament

Crime Stoppers relies on three pillars: the Police, the Public, and the Media.  We are very thankful for the assistance offered by the media in the Cayman Islands in helping to get our message out to the public and keeping it there.

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