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Animal Abuse is a Crime

Remains of a burned dog found in the Cayman Islands.

When we talk about the use of Crimestoppers, we tend to think of providing information on large unsolved crimes, such as robberies and murders where anonymity is crucial due the dangerous nature of the people involved and the large rewards offered for the arrest of such individuals.

But for many people crime is a much more ordinary event. Crimes such as burglary,  drug use and animal neglect have just as much of an impact on our daily lives as they tend to affect us more regularly and can create fear in neighbourhoods.


Animal Cruelty and Neglect have an impact on EVERYONE in the neighbourhood. Dogs that are chained in yards 24-7 and not walked become bored and anxious and will bark for attention.

Dogs that are fed sporadically again bark for attention and the hopes of being fed.

Horses and Dogs are the only two species in the Animal Kingdom who actually communicate with humans.

Tethered Horse in the Cayman Islands.

  • Imagine constantly trying to communicate with someone and being constantly ignored.
  • Imagine having food thrown at you without any kind words of affection.
  • Imagine waiting for your loved one to return home so you can spend time together, just to be ignored.
  • Imagine the dailty temperatuire being so hot that just sitting still makes you pant but having no fresh water for days.
  • Imagine having to defecate where you eat and sleep
  • Imagine NEVER being able to leave your six foot chain
  • Imagine being full of parasites for months on end, with them climbing in to your ears and eyes and having no one to help you.

These imaginations describe the daily lives of many dogs, horses and animals tethered and chained in the hot sun of the Cayman Islands.

These daily sufferings may also amount to neglect under the Animals Law of the Cayman Islands and are punishable. Reporting neighbours who commit these crimes may provoke fear of retribution.

Any breach of any law in the Cayman Islands can be reported anonymously using Cayman Crimestoppers. Your FREE anonymous call to 800-TIPS can stop it all. The call centre is in Miami so you don’t need to worry about anyone recognising your voice.

If you prefer you can simply report it here by clicking on this link.

Cayman Crime Stoppers wants to hear from you if you wish to report animal neglect in the Cayman Islands.  

No crime is too small, no piece of information too invaluable. Your call may be the exact link that is needed to help solve a larger crime or prevent a bigger problem. 


Dont Drink and Drive this New Year's Eve

Don't Drink and Drive in the Cayman Islands this New Years Eve.

As 2016 comes to an end , many people are looking forward to it being over. 2016 has seen many upsets in the political entertainment and financial worlds, so many people will want to party hard on New Year's Eve 2016 to get rid of the bad vibes and welcome the fresh start 2017 offers us. In the Cayman Islands, we do not have sophisticated methods of Public Transort to get us home after a night out celebrating, so drinking responsibly is even more important than normal. However, there are those times when we may find that we are not in a fit state to drive home after a night out celebrating with friends. 

So how CAN you get home on New Years Eve in the Cayman Islands?


There are a number of private taxi companies on island, click here for a full list of taxis in Cayman. If you know where you will be celebrating New Years' Eve in Cayman, why not call and book your cab now?

Designated Drivers

Designated drivers take the pledge to only drink soft drinks while promising to give you a sober ride home. Many restuarants in the Cayman Islands will be giving designated drivers free drinks this New Year's Eve. Click here for the list of participating restaurants supporting Designated Drivers. 

Home Safe

For those who prefer not to rely on others, there is Home Safe. This service picks you up from your party destination and drives you home in your own car, which eliminates the hassle of trying to get a ride to pick up your car the next day. Click here for more details about the Home Safe service.

Purple Ribbon Bus 

The Purple Ribbon Bus is organised every year by the National Drug Council. It is sponosored by many local businesses and provides a way for people celebrating New Years Eve in the Cayman Islands to get home safely and FREE of CHARGE This year the buses will be even easier to spot as they will have purple lights on them. 

Click here to see the Purple Ribbon Bus route.

Wherever and however you celebrate the end of 2016 this New Years Eve, please DONT DRINK and DRIVE.



TrafficTuesdays - Over and Undertaking in the Cayman Islands

A recent letter in the Cayman Islands newspaper, the Cayman Compass from a well known and loved runner in the Cayman Islands has spurred this week's Traffic Tuesday blog.

If you are not aware, marathon runner extrordinaire Derek Haines was subject to a standoff on the Esterley Tibbetts Highway on Tuesday at about 5:20 PM whilst out for his evening run.

The incident was so distressing to Derek that he felt compelled to write to the local Cayman Islands newspaper to issue an open warning as follows: "If the “lady” reads this, she is on notice that the next time, and I am a regular along that stretch, I will make a formal complaint."

The female driver of the green Mini Cooper refused to move out of the path of Derek Haines while driving up the hard shoulder of the highwway on which he was running.

Cayman Crime Stopppers thought this was a great opportunity to look at the offences comitted by the driver of the green Mini Cooper and how such a standoff on the  roads of the Cayman Islands can be prevented in the future.

1. Over and Undertaking

In the Cayman Islands, we drive on the left hand side of the road. That means, when it is safe to do so, if you wish to overtake a vehicle, you should do so by using the right hand lane. If a vehicle in front of you is in the right hand lane you SHOULD NOT use the left hand lane to pass that vehicle. That is what is known as undertaking and very dangerous. Simply stay behind the vehicle in the right lane until it is able to move out of your way safely.

2. The pedestrian ALWAYS has the right of way

When driving a motor vehicle in any country, but especially in the Cayman Islands, you should always remember that the pedestrian has the right of way. Think about it, even when driving a small vehicle such as Mini Cooper, you have a protective layer of metal around you not to mention a seatbelt to prevent you being catapulted through the shatter-proof glass of your windscreen should you become involved in a traffic accident.

Here in the Cayman Islands, pavements or sidewalks are few and far between. Pedestrians have nowhere safe to walk or run and rely on the kindheartedness and respect of motorists using the roads of the Cayman Islands to look out for them, give the the right of way and also give them extra room while passing.

Dont become another traffic statistic of the Cayman Islands. Think about every manouvere you make in in your car before you make it. Is it safe? Is it neccessary? Is it legal?

Have you had experiences similar to Derek Hanes while navigating Cayman Islands traffic and roads? Do you think the driver of the Mini Cooper was right to ask Derek to move? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section below.



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Cayman Islands Traffic Tuesdays

Cayman Islands #TrafficTuesday tips aimed at reducing traffic problems and accidents in the Cayman Islands














Today is our first installment of #TrafficTuesday. Whilst traffic matters are not always criminal, they affect everybody using the roads of the Cayman Islands. #TrafficTuesday will aim to highlight the dangers of roads in Cayman as well as educate the population on what road signs mean, what road markings mean as well as provide updates on traffic offences.


This week we start with the documentary "Road Impact: Cayman Islands", a joint project with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) and the entertainment channel Cayman 27 about the impact of road fatalities in Cayman.


The 30 minute video was entirely shot and produced in Cayman, and looks at the impact of serious and fatal road traffic accidents on the lives of victims and their families.


2015 was one of the deadliest years on record for road fatalities on the islands, and these special screenings intend to warn of the dangers and responsibilities that come with the freedom of driving.


The film started as an initiative by RCIPS officers active in the Foreign Commonwealth Office’s Operations and Community Policing Working Group for the Overseas Territories as a compelling way to emphasize road safety around the islands. Cayman 27 agreed to partner with the RCIPS in this project and produce the documentary with entirely local content. “The stars of this documentary are not those who made it, but the people who agreed to talk to us on camera, and relive tragic events,” said Paul Kennedy, one of the producers of the documentary, “we think the impact of their stories on those who view it could make our roads just a bit safer.”


On Wednesday, March 23 and Monday, 4 April, the RCIPS and Cayman 27 screened the documentary at Clifton Hunter and John Gray High Schools, respectively.


Commissioner of Police David Baines, addressing an audience of about 200 students said, “Any police officer will tell you that one of the most difficult things for them to do, in what is already a very difficult job, is to inform families of the death of a loved one and sadly, my officers have had to do this all too often here in Cayman because of the careless or reckless behavior of drivers.


When watching this film you will get a better sense of what that is like. I hope the stories of the people in this film stay with you and remind you of your responsibility to drive safely.”

Has your life been impacted by dangerous driving in the Cayman Islands? Have you lost a loved one or been seriously injured? Do you have recommendations for improvements to reckless driving in the Cayman Islands? Let us know in the comments section below:


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Police would like to speak to Mario Ebanks Jr. who has been missing since Saturday

Police Request Public Assistance to Locate Teen - Mario Ebnaks Jr.


The Royal Cayman islands Police Service would like to request the public’s assistance to help them locate Mario Ebanks, Jr., age 16, of West Bay. Mario has not been home since Saturday night, 26th March, however, he has spoken with his parents and others since that time.  It is known that he has been staying around West Bay at the houses of different friends and told his parents he would return home yesterday, but he has not.


While his parents and police do not have cause to believe that any harm has come to Mario, nonetheless it is imperative that his parents and police know his whereabouts and speak with him in person.  We would like to advise anyone who may be allowing Mario to stay with them that they could be guilty of a criminal offence if they continue to do so, and should contact police right away.


Mario was last seen wearing red shorts with black stripes on the side, a white T-shirt, and black, white and red Nike sneakers.  He is of slim build, light complexion, and tall, with blonde and brown curly hair.


If you have any information about Mario’s whereabouts, please call the West Bay Police Station at 949-3999 or Crime Stoppers at 800-8477(TIPS).



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6 Safety Tips for Female Joggers and Runners in the Cayman Islands

6 Safety Tips for Female Joggers and Runners in Cayman

Posted 2/11/2016

Exercise safely on Cayman's Roads

If you are up early in the Cayman Islands it is quite common to see people exercising along the roads of the Islands. People tend to walk or run before the sun comes up to take advantage of the cooler temperatures, as well as to get a healthy energetic start to the day.

Although Cayman still remains an incredibly safe place to live; exercisers can still be at risk from certain hazards.

Read the 6 tips for Female Runners and Joggers in the Cayman Islands to ensure you stay safe while exercising.

Avoid Running Alone

This may sound easier than it actually is. Tring to persuade a friend or loved one to get up at 5AM and go and hike along South Sound may not be met with many offers of acceptance, so if you can’t find anyone, try and use a route that you know is well travelled by other exercisers at that time of day.

You may also join a running club; this will not only give you safety in numbers, but may also help you improve your pace. There are also exercising areas that have security guards to help deter prowlers, the running tracks at Savannah Primary School and Truman Bodden Sports Complex are two locations that have security guards on site that helps keep women safe while exercising in the Cayman Islands.

Be Prepared

If none of the above solutions work for you and you still wish to walk, jog or run the streets of the Cayman Islands alone, then be prepared. The Security Centre in Grand Cayman has some great ways to keep yourself safe while exercising alone, such as personal alarms.

Don’t Wear headphones!

Whilst music, talking books or motivational speeches are a great way to pass the time while running as, they are also a major signal to a would be attacker that you are not aware of things happening around you.

This is true , not just of would be attackers but also means you can’t hear traffic hazards that may be coming your way, rendering you incapable of hearing screeching breaks, car horns or emergency vehicle sirens.

Don’t Wear a Pony Tail

When we exercise, the last thing we want is our hair falling over eyes and sticking to our face, but the pony tail many women wear while running in Cayman also acts as a way for someone to easily grab and control you from behind. Instead try and wear a head band to keep your hair from your eyes and face.



Take Self Defence Classes

If all else fails, try taking some basic self defence classes, this is also a new way to keep fit! Who knows, you may also meet new friends who would like to come and join you in your early morning run around the Cayman Islands?

Take your Phone!

Some of us may use exercise as a way to get away from the phone ringing and emails pinging in to our inbox, but take your phone if you must exercise alone. Call your local police station if you see ANYONE acting suspiciously while out on your run in the Cayman Islands. If you prefer you can call Cayman Crime Stoppers on 800 TIPS ( 8477) but remember if you see a crime in progress you should always call 911.

What do you think of these tips to keep women safe while exercising in the Cayman Islands? Will you try any of them? Do you have any to add?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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BOLO for cheap TV's in Cayman this Weekend

Stay Safe When You Buy On-Line at Christmas

Posted 12/23/2015

Read these tips to secure your online and card payments this Christmas SeasonThe Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Financial Crimes Unit is advising the public to beware of certain financial scams, namely card skimming and online scams, that become more frequent due to the increase in financial activity, and especially online purchasing, during the holiday period.  It is important for the public to be on the alert when conducting some routine financial transactions.


Card Skimming

Card skimming is the practice of fraudulently gathering ATM card and PIN data through devices designed to look like a genuine ATM interfaces and affixed to the surface of ATM terminals.  Devices used in this fraudulent activity are now quite sophisticated and appear legitimate to the untrained eye. If there is something suspicious or unusual about the ATM you are using, do not use it and call your bank.  Similarly, if for any reason your card has trouble being inserted or read by the machine, don’t continue inserting it into                                                                                                          the machine.  Notify your bank.

 Online Scams

The public should be suspicious of any banking instructions received over email purporting to be from banking institutions.  The FCU has seen an increase in wire transfers and other banking activity as of late initiated on the basis of fraudulent instructions (“phishing” emails). Members of the public should always treat such communications carefully and should call the bank to verify the instructions received.


“Phishing” emails have evolved and become more sophisticated, and can now include emails from the personal email address of a friend or acquaintance, if their email has been compromised.  Therefore the public should avoid sending personal financial or other information by email in all instances.


Other tips to avoid email scams:

  • Do not click on links within emails that ask for personal or financial information. Hackers can retrieve information from your computer in various ways, including accessing stored information and monitoring keystrokes.
  • If you receive any emails from senders whom you don’t know, do not open them, but delete them.
  • You may receive an email message informing you that you have won the lottery. If you get a message informing you that you have won a contest you did not enter, the message is a scam.

Anyone aware of the activities described above as of late should notify the Financial Crimes Unit at 949-8797 or


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12 Days of Christmas

Posted 12/12/2015

12 Tips to keep you safe against crime this holiday season

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Robbery: Have you seen this jewellery? Earn $10K

Posted 11/30/2015

A $10,000 reward is on offer for information about a robbery that took place on the 18th November 2015 at Mitzi's Fine Jewelry

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Missing Person: Jaesha Hendrix 21 year old Female

Posted 11/24/2015

Image Gallery

Jaesha Hendrix has been missing from the Cayman Islands since the 23rd October 2015. She was last seen at the Lakeside Apartments off the Esterly Tibbetts Highway in George Town.

Jaesha Hendrix also goes by the name of Jaesha Solomon or by the name Maliya.

Over the weekend of the 27th of October 2015 a person purporting to be Jaesha Hendrix sent a message to her mother, stating that she is in good health. The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service cannot confirm the authenticity of this message until contact with Ms. Hendrix is made and are continuing to search for her and continue to appeal to the public for assistance.

Nothing more has been heard from Jaesha Hendrix since this message.

Jaesha Hendrix's mother, Edith Mae Scott has flown to the Cayman Islands, from her residence in the United States to search for Jaesha Solomon, but her efforts still haven't uncovered her daughter.

Her mother is incredibly worried for Jaesha Solomon's welfare and asks anyone with any information, no matter how insognificant it may seem to call either the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service on 949-4222 or contact Cayman Crime Stoppers anonymously and free of charge by calling 800 8477 (TIPS) or by clicking the Submit a Tip on-line option on the Cayman Crime Stoppers website.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Play Golf in the Cayman Islands

Posted 8/11/2015

The Cayman Islands has a reputation for being paradise on Earth and is known for its world class beaches, diving and Caymankind hospitality. These qualities attract people from all over the world, but why do people visit the Cayman Islands with their Golf Clubs as part of their essential luggage?


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What is Cayman Crime Stoppers?

Posted 7/2/2015

Crime Stoppers is a civilian, nonprofit, charitable organization that brings together the police services, the community and the media in the fight against crime.

Crime Stoppers is a program, separate from the emergency telephone number system or other standard methods of contacting the police, to allow a member of the community to provide anonymous information about criminal activity.

Cayman Crime Stoppers provides a safe and secure means for anybody with information about a crime to share it freely whilst protecting their identity.  It could also earn them a reward of up to $1,000.

Crime Stopper programs are operated in many communities worldwide.

Tell me more about Cayman Crime Stoppers

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